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Want Tip: Getting Dressy with Sneakers

Anytime you wear a full suit, or combo a blazer with jeans or casual trousers, the look is completed by a pair of nicely polished dress shoes. But what about for times when your feet just want to be walking in something more comfortable and casual? Go for a pair of sneakers, of course! Cardinal sin? We think not. You just have to know how to mix these casual kicks with more tailored looks. Read this Want Tip and learn.

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Want Tip: Voguish in Vests

It’s a delight to see more vests being put into action everyday. While most vests are still conservatively being coordinated with navy or gray suits, every now and then you get to see them shine separately as the highlight of a casual outfit. Here’s a request guys: don’t end the vest creativity there. In this week’s Want Tip, we show you more ways of looking voguish in vests so they don’t just end up as suiting accompaniment. Read on!

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